Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Terrapin Side Project 14: Tomfoolery

Today I spent the entire day drinking. I had to! With dozens of new beers and new breweries hitting the Atlanta market every week, I'm getting shamefully behind. I've let you all down, I'm so sorry. Some Commander of Suds I turned out to be. As Terrapin's Side Project #15 is already well established on the beer store shelves in Georgia, I better get crackin' on the one prior, which has been silently languishing in the mini fridge. Let's see, ah yes, it's Tomfoolery, dubbed a "Black Saison". So, the saisons are getting the black treatment now? Well, OK, anything to break up the endless torrent of "Black IPA's", I suppose.

Cue the bottle info blurb, Meemo:

"Tomfoolery “Black Saison” is the latest addition to our Side Project series of beers. Number 14 on the list, this ale boasts an uncharacteristic black color for a traditional Saison, but is just untraditional enough for our experimental mentality.

Made with a silly amount of rye, wheat and black malts, this dark spicy beverage will quench the thirst of any court jester in the land. We hope you enjoy our light hearted attempt at making this traditional style with foolish brewing behavior.

Spike’s Brewing Words of Wisdom: Beer is serious business…what you do after consumption often times is not."

Ah, Terrapin, is it possible to find their brewing antics anything but 100-percent amusing?

One of the revered Ghosts of Side Projects Past is the Maggie's Farmhouse Ale. Now, seven side projects and nearly two years later, Terrapin is revisiting the style and yeast strain, though by no means in a traditional manner. Half a bottle in, the main impression is that of a cool mulled wine with faint roasty, chocolate-hinting elements, a touch of banana, and a remote lactic twang to it.

For me, the very best of the saisons are ones that are supremely quenching and refreshing. This one is not, though I'm sure that this experiment was never Terrapin's aim. Thankfully though, the malts and sweetness are not overburdening, the booze isn't overly noticeable, and the body is light enough to at least keep it from being unrefreshing.

Terrapin's Side Project #14 - Tomfoolery receives:

That's two downright bawdy Meemos!


  1. Delightful. It makes me glad I subscribed to this blog.

  2. I think I am ready to spread such gladness again.