Thursday, March 31, 2011

SweetWater Exodus Porter

Another day, another beer left outside my front door. SweetWater's Exodus Porter, sitting silently on my door mat. The return of my mysterious benefactor or the beer equivalent of "spring cleaning", we may never know, but, hey, it's free booze, so I don't really care.

So, I'll sit here at the apartment drinking beer all day, without actually getting anything else done. Look's like my Thursday is booked solid. Just another day being a miscreant souse.

Like a wasted, homeless veteran, Exodus Porter graciously received several medals for proudly doing its duty, and then was discharged and left homeless, to live on the streets of downtown Atlanta, begging for money, unable to reintegrated into the community. A sad story, and one that's happened more than once in the craft beer world, but there's a happy ending. While the poor Israelites wandered the desert for forty years, SweetWater's Exodus managed to find its way back to store shelves in less than four, returning to the brewery's Tackle Box variety pack as well as showing up on draught at the brewery.

It's not always easy, being flavorful and relatively light. The beer does a fair job of pulling it off. Unsweetened cocoa powder with sweet caramel punctuated by a modest roastiness, while earthy, citrusy hops deliver a decent portion of bitterness. It's American, it's a porter, and for that, it's good.

What will the future bring for Exodus Porter, perhaps it will finally return to being a proud year-round release, what with SweetWater's new expansion plans. Calls and emails made to the brewery were not returned by press time.

On more than one occasion readers have expressed interest in introducing a grading scale for the beers covered by this particular asshole. Thank you, readers. Your ideas are sound and I've made the suggested modifications. So, for today's beer, let's unveil the new grading system: Salacious Pussycats.

SweetWater's Exodus Porter receives:  

That's three undeniably salacious pussycats!

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