Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Here's to feeling good all the time!

I'm being constantly reminded I could make far, far better use of my time. Also, I've received increasingly alarmed comments centered around my voracious drinking habits. Thinking on these two, I began to ask myself: Why not start a beer blog? After all, everyone else is doing it. I say, what better way to spend one's time and effort than in the hedonistic pursuit of self-gratifying beer-based pleasure? Even if the internet is simply choked with beer blogs, most quite boring, and has been for years. So, here I am, yet another uninformed asshole writing about beer, coming out of nowhere, like an angrily thrown bag of urine!

While others of my generation are busy getting married, having kids, and buying homes, I'm content sitting in the colorful glow of early-February Christmas lights drinking quality beers while my girlfriend's cat rudely bats things off the kitchen counter. They're sweating it out over mortgage payments and their kids' college funds. Me, I'm staring down a receipt for a 500ml bottle of North Coast's Old Stock Ale Cellar Reserve ($21.99).

Sadly, I don't have any innate writing skills, never have. I doubt I'll be able to force any rich, satisfying, interactive content out on the order of once per day. How does once per week sound? I suppose I could fill the gaps with stray pictures or maybe upload an occasional video or two. People like videos these days. Probably, it'll boil down to me making shit up off the top of my head. I'll give it some thought.

But for now, let me get back to my beers and we'll get this journey started shortly.

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